The Foundational
Merits of Our Mission

We lead our students on a journey through academia with principles that honor our heritage, assuage our partners, and safeguard the success of everyone involved.

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The solutions to decades-old hardships are only found through creative problem-solving and diverse collaboration


Our primary concern is to the success of our students, we will stop at nothing to see their visions achieved.


The only barrier to entering a world of relentless growth and success is in the courage to ask the questions--we hide nothing


We are led by a mission to expand and refine the academic opportunities available to the students of India

Our Superstars

Whether accessing the wealth of Transnational Universities from the comfort of home, or preparing to take the plunge into studying abroad


Shrenik Parmar

CEO and Co-founder

Passionate about solving complex student problems concerning higher education discovery, application guidance and offer management.


Afraaz Hussain

CTO and Co-founder

A Full Stack Developer with around 5 years of experience in developing complex enterprise-grade platforms. Jack of all trades, master of one, JavaScript!


Supriya Mathews

Associate Director

International Higher Educational Leader and Strategist:: a result-oriented innovative thinker who can strategize success and brand value of organization and can discover and pursue new sales prospects.


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