Tailor Your Global Education Experience with the Study Abroad Application


Tailor Your Global Education Experience with the Study Abroad Application


August 18, 2023



    Studying abroad can be an exciting experience loaded with new adventures, but it can also be challenging and overwhelming to navigate. Fortunately, technology has come to the rescue with the development of study-abroad applications. These applications offer a variety of tools and resources to assist students in preparing for their international studies journey. From academic resources to cultural immersion, online applications for global studies have everything you need today to make your global education experience a success.

    Study abroad applications are digital tools curated to help students in making their study abroad journey easy. These applications offer an extensive range of resources, including language learning, cultural immersion, and academic support, to make students' experiences easier and more accessible. These applications help students to apply abroad, prepare, and succeed in their abroad education experience, providing a one-stop-shop for all their international studying needs. 

    How Is a Study Abroad Application Beneficial?

    The benefits of online applications for global studies can be numerous. The following are some of the most significant ones:

    • Easy access to valuable resources: Study abroad applications lays down access to a range of resources, including language learning tools, travel planning assistance, cultural immersion guides, and academic support. These resources guide students to prepare for and succeed in their global education experience.
    • Streamlined communication: Many applications for study abroad offer features that offer streamlined communication with peers, program coordinators, and local contacts. This enables students to feel more connected and supported while they are far from their homes.
    • Improved safety and security: These apps often incorporate features, including emergency alerts and safety tips to keep aspirants safe while they are abroad.
    • Enhanced cultural immersion: Some of the study abroad applications offer local recommendations and events that enable students to fully immerse themselves in the local culture.
    • Time-saving features: these apps also enable students to save time with itinerary planning and budget tracking, which makes the international study experience more efficient.

    How is DegreeLabs Changing the Game?

    DegreeLabs offers several pathways for Indian students to pursue an international education, including:

    1. Global Education Programs (GEPs): DegreeLabs offers a comprehensive listing of active Global Education Programs available at Indian institutions. These programs enable students to pursue part of their program in India and the remaining overseas, saving both time and money.
    2. Personalized Recommendations: DegreeLabs provides customized program recommendations for their students. By analyzing the information and preferences, DegreeLabs can recommend the best Global Education Program and resources to assist students in achieving their goals.
    3. Collaboration and Community: DegreeLabs has a sense of belonging and forges a supportive learning environment by boosting collaboration and community building among faculty, students, and alumni.
    4. Affordable Education: Committed to making higher education accessible for everyone, DegreeLabs enable students to pursue top-quality global education at 50% of the traditional cost.
    5. End-to-end Support: DegreeLabs' AI platform and advisors offer constant support to students, from university and program recommendations to scholarships, application submissions, and more.
    6. Visa Assistance: DegreeLabs makes the process of obtaining visas for students easy, which brings them closer to achieving their international education goals.

    DegreeLabs App - The Revolutionary App Redefining International Education

    The DegreeLabs app is developed to make the whole process of international education more accessible and efficient for students. With its user-friendly interface, the app provides numerous resources, tools, and student support services that help you throughout your journey. Some of the key features of the DegreeLabs app include the following:

    1. Program Search: This lets you find the appropriate GPE based on your preferences and qualifications.
    2. Application Management: Helps in keeping a record of your applications and staying organized throughout the process.
    3. Document Submission: Upload and submit needed documents securely.
    4. Financial Aid Information: This allows you to access information about grants, scholarships, and other funding opportunities.
    5. Communication: This lets you stay connected with DegreeLabs experts for personal assistance and guidance.
    6. Visa Assistance: This lets you get help easily with the visa application process.
    7. Alumni Network: This enables you to connect with alumni and learn from their experiences.

    To wrap up, DegreeLabs App provides complete assistance to students interested in going to foreign countries for their higher studies, guaranteeing a seamless and successful academic experience. Don't delay any longer and get closer to your international degree at an affordable price with DegreeLabs!

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