Undergraduate Dual Degree Programs - Double Benefits at Half the Time


Undergraduate Dual Degree Programs - Double Benefits at Half the Time


July 20, 2023



    Undergraduate dual degree programs have become exceptionally popular among students aspiring to seek a global education. These programs provide students with the opportunity to study at two different universities in different countries and acquire two separate degrees simultaneously. The advantages of studying dual degrees are manifold, including exposure to diverse social, cultural, and academic perspectives, enhanced language proficiency, and access to a broader range of career opportunities.

    The structure of international dual degree programs in India can vary significantly. Some programs may require individuals to complete a certain number of credits at each institute, while others include a semester or year of study abroad. In some cases, students may also complete their whole degree at one institution while still earning a dual degree.

    Here is a list of Dual Degree Programs:

    • Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science (B.A./B.S.) in Business Administration and Engineering
    • Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Laws (B.Sc./LLB) in Law and Science
    • Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts (B.S./B.A.) in International Relations and Business
    • Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Commerce (B.S./B.Com) in Science and Business
    • Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts (B.S./B.A.) in Computer Science and Psychology 


    As with any academic course, there are a few challenges to consider with this programme as well. Despite these challenges, there are various benefits of undergraduate dual degree programs, making them a compelling option for numerous students. 

    Benefits of Undergraduate Dual Degree Programs for the Globally Minded

    International dual degree benefits are myriad. Some of the benefits of dual degree programs include:

    • Exposure to diverse cultural, social, and academic perspectives: The dual degree programs allow students to obtain exposure to varied cultural, social, and academic perspectives, which can expand their horizons and improve their understanding of the world.
    • Development of language proficiency & communication skills in different cultural contexts: Dual degree programs can help students build language proficiency and communication skills in multiple cultural contexts. This is an asset in a globalized world where cross-cultural communication skills are highly considered.
    • Access to a wider range of career opportunities: Undergraduate dual degree programs can offer students with enormous career opportunities as they obtain expertise in two different academic disciplines and develop professional networks in two different countries. This makes them more coveted in the job market.
    • Expertise in two different academic disciplines: International undergraduate dual degree programs enhance students' understanding of composite issues and give them a wider knowledge base.


    Expand Your Horizons with Affordable International Programmes at DegreeLabs

    DegreeLabs is an educational platform that imparts numerous tools and resources to assist students in achieving their dream of international studies while providing access to distinguished classroom-based programs that enable them to start their studies in India and graduate from a foreign university. DegreeLabs offers affordable study abroad in India options, including over 680+ Global Education Programs. Some of the ways that DegreeLabs helps students aspiring to international programmes include: 

    • Access to affordable programs: DegreeLabs partners with institutions around the world to impart students access to top-quality GPEs at a lower cost than conventional programs. This can make it handy for individuals to pursue their academic and career goals without accumulating debt.
    • Customized program options: DegreeLabs offers a range of program options, such as certificate programs, degree programs, and short-term study abroad programs that allow students to choose the program that best suits their needs and interests.
    • Comprehensive support services: DegreeLabs equip students with an extensive range of support services, like visa assistance, academic advising, and financial aid guidance. This can assist students in exploring the complexities of pursuing a GPE and ensuring a successful experience.
    • End-to-end student support: From application to enrollment, DegreeLabs assist students in every step of their global education. Students get help in applying for universities, submitting the application form, getting the documents ready, tracking the status, etc.
    • Improving employability skills: DegreeLabs offers constant support to students even after they complete their global education. It will assist students in getting top-notch internships and job opportunities after they have graduated.


    To sum up, DegreeLabs proffers students the opportunity to pursue a top-notch international undergraduate dual degree program at an affordable cost and with flexibility. DegreeLabs gives complete and continuous support to students allowing them to acquire valuable skills, experiences, and network connections that can improve their career prospects and lead them to a successful career in today's global marketplace.

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