Best App to Make Study Abroad So Much Easier - All Students Should Download in 2023


Best App to Make Study Abroad So Much Easier - All Students Should Download in 2023


April 13, 2023


    For years, studying abroad has been a popular choice among students, drawn by the promise of new experiences and vibrant social opportunities. In today's world, the academic, cultural, and professional benefits of studying abroad are more relevant than ever.

    Global Education Programs (GEPs) are one of the most sought-after study abroad options today. A GEP is a unique international transfer program where students begin their education at an Indian institution and then transfer to a university abroad to complete their degree.

    Popular Global Education Programs provided by DegreeLabs include:

    1. Dual Degree Program - Earn degrees from both an Indian and a foreign institution.
      • Example: Universal Business School (India) collaborates with Lincoln University, California (USA) to provide a Global Business Program: PGDM + MBA. In this 2-year program, students complete one year of the coursework at Universal Business School, the other year at Lincoln University and receive both a PGDM from the Indian institution and an MBA from the USA institution.
    2. Credit Transfer Program - Transfer your credits from an Indian institution to a foreign institution and continue your studies there.
      • Example: MET Institute of International Studies- IIS (India) collaborates with Kingston University, London (UK) to provide BSc (Hons) Business Computing and Information Systems. In this 3-year program, students will complete 2 years of their coursework at MET Institute of International Studies- IIS, and after that, they will transfer their credits to Kingston University, London, to complete the remaining course. 
    3. Joint Degree Program - Receive a single degree with logos from both Indian and foreign universities.
      • Example: A student enrolls in a joint Master's in International Business program offered by an Indian university in partnership with a French university. After completing the program, the student receives a single degree, which includes the logos of both the Indian and French institutions, signifying their joint collaboration.
    4. Integrated Degree Program - Obtain a bachelor's degree from an Indian institution and a master's degree from a foreign institution within five years.
      • Example: Amity University Rajasthan (India) collaborates with the University of Kentucky to provide M.Tech. Computer Science Engineering. In this 5-year program, students will earn their bachelor’s degree from Amity University Rajasthan and master’s degree from the University of Kentucky.
    Whether a student is a career-driven undergraduate or an MBA aspirant seeking growth, each has their reasons for pursuing a GEP.

    Key benefits of studying abroad include:

    1. Diverse Course Options - Studying abroad offers a wide range of courses, research options, and skill-based training, broadening educational opportunities and horizons. Some programs even allow concurrent courses, enabling students to pursue multiple interests. GEPs take it a step further, allowing students to pursue a degree in both India and abroad.
    2. Enhanced Employability - Employers value graduates who have studied abroad, recognizing that such experiences demonstrate courage, flexibility, cultural awareness, and an understanding of diverse work styles and perspectives. Studying abroad can provide students with a competitive edge in internships and job applications.
    3. Language Immersion - Research shows that immersion is the most effective way to gain fluency in a foreign language and understand a new culture. Daily interactions with native speakers make learning the language within its cultural context easier.
    4. International Exposure - Studying abroad enables students to acquire new techniques to tackle diverse situations, balance academics with part-time work, experience global teaching methodologies, and interact with a diverse community. This enhances subject expertise and general life skills.
    5. Global Perspective - Studying abroad fosters an informed outlook and a broader understanding of other cultures and people. Regardless of the subject being studied, adopting a multinational perspective helps navigate contemporary issues and generate innovative solutions.
    6. Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience - Studying abroad goes beyond campus life, offering opportunities to explore popular tourist sites or hidden gems during weekends and holidays in the host country. This exposure to diverse geographies distinct from India creates memorable experiences to share upon return.
    Would you like to pursue a global education and enjoy all the benefits of studying abroad without breaking the bank? DegreeLabs makes it possible. On the DegreeLabs platform, explore 680+ GEPs available at Indian institutions, apply for them, and receive ongoing support throughout the process.

    DegreeLabs Study Abroad App - Everything You Need, All in One Place!

    The DegreeLabs study abroad app is an excellent tool that simplifies the process for students. Here are some ways the DegreeLabs app makes studying abroad easier:
    1. Access to Important Resources - The app provides students with reliable and updated information on eligibility requirements, entrance exams, and application deadlines to make informed decisions about their education.
    2. University Search Made Easy - Personalized profiles on the app offer courses tailored to students' interests and information. Students can apply to up to 5 institutions, track their applications in real-time, and receive conditional or unconditional offer letters.
    3. Student Community Insights - The app allows students to connect with other students and alumni through messaging eatures and social forums. These platforms facilitate group discussions and the exchange of information & experiences, providing both support and inspiration.
    4. Visa Guidance - Obtaining a visa can be a complex and time-consuming process. The DegreeLabs App offers students a comprehensive guide to securing a student visa, outlining the necessary documents and procedures to help them navigate the application process with ease.
    5. Accommodation Assistance - Finding suitable accommodation in a foreign country can be challenging. The DegreeLabs study abroad app helps students find affordable and safe housing close to their university, eliminating the stress of finding a suitable place to stay and allowing them to focus on their studies.
    6. Career Advice - The DegreeLabs App provides students with career advice, including job opportunities, networking events, and skill-building resources. It periodically updates students' profiles and offers ongoing support during their time abroad, including assistance with credit transfer and internship opportunities to enhance employability skills.
    In conclusion, the DegreeLabs study abroad app makes studying abroad much more accessible for students. The app simplifies the process of finding universities, obtaining a visa, and building a career abroad. With the DegreeLabs App, students can confidently embark on their study abroad journey without the stress and anxiety typically associated with the process.

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