DegreeLabs is making Global Education accessible and affordable! How?


DegreeLabs is making Global Education accessible and affordable! How?


Degreelabs Team

May 10, 2023



    Globalization has led to a steep rise in student mobility as learners seek higher-quality education beyond geographical boundaries and a more multicultural learning environment to have more lucrative careers. It is unfortunate, however, that while many can realize their dreams, millions cannot.  

    While the reasons are many, the primary one is economical. 

    How is the narrative changing?

    Millions of talented young students are now opting for flexible options that allow them to study at an Indian institution that offers them a relevant degree in formats like International Credit Transfer Programs, Joint/Dual Degree Programs, Progression pathways, etc. However, there needs to be more awareness about these programs.

    Bridging the gap with DegreeLabs 

    DegreeLabs are clearing all the roadblocks as it is the first portal in India to provide information, advice, and insight to students looking for flexible, inexpensive options for studying abroad.

    The DegreeLabs platform connects Indian students with the best institutions for their goals, whether Joint or Dual Degree programs, Credit Transfer, or Twinning programs. Such innovative programs allow students to start their education at a top Indian institution and later transfer to a foreign institution to complete their  education with an international degree.

    The degreelabs platform helps students discover such programs, assists with the application to Indian institutions, and further supports their journey with visa processing to travel abroad and attain an international degree with professional guidance on entering the workforce. 

    Experts say that the fall in the Indian rupee will impact the living expenses of students who study abroad or wish to study in the future. So if you want to obtain the education of your dreams that complements your preferences and affordability, then go the DegreeLabs way with the following benefits:

    • Provides reliable knowledge and guidance on the various destinations and universities offering affordable international courses 
    • Direct access to information, insights, and events from the university 
    • Engage directly with a community network of counselors, alumnus, and current students to gain valuable guidance
    • Engaging with and supporting students through every step of their educational journey in India and abroad

    Affordable International education is increasingly becoming popular as it provides numerous benefits which were previously impossible to imagine. 

    Join the waitlist. Degreelabs will soon launch an app portal allowing students to customize their education journey and access global education, which is flexible and saves up to 50% or more money!

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