Enhance Your Education with International Dual Degree and Credit Transfer Programs: A Guide for Indian Students


Enhance Your Education with International Dual Degree and Credit Transfer Programs: A Guide for Indian Students


April 25, 2023


    Over the past few decades, the number of students seeking international education has surged dramatically. As a result, more and more students are exploring the benefits of international dual degree and credit transfer programs that offer an affordable and accessible way to obtain a world-class education.

    Affordable Undergraduate International Dual Degree Programs Explained

    These programs come in various formats, including:
    1. Dual Degree Program: Students receive two degrees, one from an Indian institution and another from a foreign institution.
      • Example: Universal Business School (India) collaborates with Northeastern Illinois University (USA) to provide a Global Business Program (PGDM+MBA). In this 2-year program, students complete one year of the course at Universal Business School in India, the other year at Northeastern Illinois University and receive both a PGDM from the Indian institution and an MBA from the USA institution.
    2. Credit Transfer Program: Students transfer credits from an Indian university to a foreign university and continue their education abroad.
      • Example: JAIN Center for Global Studies (India) collaborates with Glasgow Caledonian University (UK) to provide BA Finance, Investment and Risk program. In this 3-year program, students will complete 2 years of their coursework at JAIN Center for Global Studies, and after that, they will transfer their credits to Glasgow Caledonian University, to complete the remaining course.
    3. Joint Degree Program: Students receive a single degree with the logos of both Indian and foreign institutions.
      • Example: A student enrolls in a joint Master's in International Business program offered by an Indian university in partnership with a French university. After completing the program, the student receives a single degree, which includes the logos of both the Indian and French institutions, signifying their joint collaboration.
    4. Integrated Degree Program: Students obtain a bachelor's degree from an Indian institution and a master's degree from a foreign institution within five years.
      • Example: Amity University Gurugram (India) collaborates with the University of Kentucky to provide M.Tech. Computer Science Engineering. In this 5-year program, students will earn their bachelor’s degree from Amity University Gurugram and master’s degree from the University of Kentucky.
    These undergraduate international dual degree programs are in accordance with the UGC guidance and the National Education Policy (NEP) India, aiming to provide students with an affordable and accessible way to obtain aworld-class education.

    Advantages of Undergraduate International Dual Degree Programs

    International Dual Degree and Credit Transfer Programs offer several advantages to students who wish to pursue their higher education across multiple countries. These programs provide unique opportunities to gain global exposure,develop a broad skillset, and enhance employability. Here are some of the primary advantages:
    1. Enhanced Global Exposure: Participating in Dual Degree and Credit Transfer Programs allows students to experience different educational systems, teaching methodologies, and academic environments. Exposure to diverse perspectives can help students develop a more comprehensive understanding of their field of study.
    2. Cultural Immersion: By studying in multiple countries, students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in different cultures, languages, and traditions. This cultural immersion not only enriches their overall educational experience but also fosters adaptability and cross-cultural communication skills, which are highly valued by employers.
    3. Networking Opportunities: Dual Degree and Credit Transfer Programs provide students with the chance to build an international network of friends, colleagues, and mentors. These connections can lead to future collaboration, job opportunities, and personal growth.
    4. Increased Employability: Graduates with international experience are often viewed as more adaptable, resourceful, and culturally aware by employers. Having a dual degree or participating in a credit transfer program can make students stand out in the competitive job market and lead to better job prospects.
    5. Diverse Course Offerings: Studying in different countries often means access to a wider range of courses and specialized programs. This can help students tailor their education to their specific interests and career goals, as well as gain unique insights into their field of study.
    6. Language Skills: Dual Degree and Credit Transfer Programs offer students the opportunity to improve their language skills, both in terms of fluency and understanding the cultural context. Being proficient in multiple languages can be a valuable asset in the global job market.
    7. Personal Growth: Navigating the challenges of studying in different countries can lead to significant personal growth, including improved self-reliance, resilience, and problem-solving abilities. These qualities can contribute to a student's overall success in both their academic and professional life.
    8. Cost-Effective: In some cases, participating in a Dual Degree or Credit Transfer Program can be more cost-effective than pursuing a degree entirely abroad. By studying part of their program at a local institution, students can save on tuition and living expenses while still benefiting from an international education.
    9. Easier Transition to the Workforce: Graduating with a degree from both an Indian and a foreign institution can make it easier for students to transition to the workforce in either country. This flexibility is particularly valuable for those who are unsure about their long-term career plans or want to explore opportunities in multiple regions.
    10. Boosts Academic Credentials: Having a dual degree or participating in a credit transfer program can boost a student's academic credentials, making them more attractive to prospective employers and graduate programs.

    DegreeLabs: Your Partner for International Education

    DegreeLabs is an online platform that helps students find and join Global Education Programs that begin in Indianinstitutions and lead to a reputed degree from a foreign university. It introduces a new age of global education by making reliable knowledge and guidance accessible to universities and offering affordable international programs.

    DegreeLabs offers more than 680+ Global Education Programs, including dual degree, joint degree, integrated degree, and credit transfer programs. Students can find all the active programs on the DegreeLabs app platform and choose the one that best suits their interests and budget.

    With DegreeLabs App, students can:
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    2. Connect with advisors who provide guidance on the best-fit programs and universities.
    3. Manage every step of their application and admission process with ease.
    DegreeLabs is dedicated to helping students enhance their careers by providing an academic ecosystem that values the unique benefits of international education and offers innovative ways to deliver the same through undergraduate international dual degree and credit transfer programs. Future-proof your international career with DegreeLabs and embark on the journey to obtain a world-class education.

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