How is DegreeLabs Revolutionizing the Way Students Pursue Higher Education


How is DegreeLabs Revolutionizing the Way Students Pursue Higher Education


May 12, 2023



    Discover Affordable Overseas Education in India with DegreeLabs

    Overseas education in India refers to the pursuit of education in foreign countries by Indian students. This includes undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as research and other specialized courses. As more Indian students seek better educational opportunities, global exposure, and enhanced career prospects, they are increasingly choosing abroad study programs in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

    DegreeLabs is revolutionizing the way students pursue higher education by providing flexible, personalized, and affordable options for those looking to earn a foreign degree. Offering an array of programs, DegreeLabs empowers students to choose the path that best suits their goals, interests, and aspirations.

    Different Pathways to Pursue Overseas Education in India

    DegreeLabs offers various pathways for Indian students to pursue overseas education, including:

    1. Global Education Programs (GEPs): DegreeLabs provides a comprehensive listing of active Global Education Programs available at Indian institutions. These programs allow students to pursue part of their course in India and the remaining abroad, saving both time and money.
    2. Personalized Recommendations: Utilizing data analytics and artificial intelligence, DegreeLabs offers customized program recommendations for each student. By analyzing the information and preferences provided, DegreeLabs can recommend the most effective Global Education Program and resources to help students achieve their goals.
    3. Collaboration and Community: DegreeLabs fosters a sense of belonging and creates a supportive learning environment by encouraging collaboration and community building among students, faculty, and alumni.
    4. Affordable Education: Committed to making higher education accessible for all, DegreeLabs allows students to pursue high-quality global education at 50% of the traditional cost.
    5. End-to-end Support: DegreeLabs' AI-powered platform and advisors provide constant support to students, from university and program recommendations to application submissions, scholarships, and more.
    6. Visa Assistance: DegreeLabs simplifies the process of obtaining visas for students, bringing them closer to achieving their overseas education goals.

    Some of DegreeLabs' university collaborations include:

    1. International School of Management Studies, Pune, in collaboration with Leeds Beckett University, offering MBA International (1+1 Credit Transfer Program)
    2. MET Institute of International Studies-IIS, in partnership with Glasgow Caledonian University, providing BSc (Hons) Business Computing and Information Systems (2+1 Credit Transfer Program)
    3. Universal Business School, in collaboration with the Swiss School of Management, Italy, offering the Global Business Program: PGDM + MBA (2 years at UBS - Dual Degree Program)

    Embark on Your Global Higher Education Journey with DegreeLabs

    DegreeLabs is committed to helping students pursue their dreams of overseas education in India by providing personalized guidance, support, and resources, all conveniently accessible through the DegreeLabs app. With the app, students can explore their higher education options, track their applications in real-time, receive offer letters, and get assistance with credit transfer applications, accommodation, travel, and other arrangements for abroad education.

    Take the first step towards unlocking your potential and elevating your education by downloading the DegreeLabs app from the Google Play Store:

    Don't miss this opportunity to transform your future with DegreeLabs and its innovative app-based platform. Start your journey today!

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