Our Journey

Aspiration to Global Transformation:
The Journey

At DegreeLabs, we're more than just a brand; we're a story in the making.
September 2021
The Spark of Aspiration
We started exploring India’s potential in the global education market, conducted market research, and devised solutions for the challenges.
Our in-depth research revealed a significant gap in the educational landscape, where numerous students desired global education but faced financial constraints. Hence, DegreeLabs emerged as the ideal solution to bridge this gap.
December 2021
Laying the Groundwork
We secured funding from Sannam S4 and set out on a mission to democratize global education in India.
The idea of DegreeLabs began to take shape. We secured significant funding propelling our mission to democratize access to global education within India into full gear.
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November 2022
Official Inception
This marked the glorious commencement of our unwavering quest. A moment we had long anticipated: DegreeLabs Limited was registered, offering Global Education at Local Convenience.
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April 2023
Rapid Progress & Partnerships
The DegreeLabs App goes live on iOS and Android, featuring 658 courses from 22 top-ranked higher education institutions.
The DegreeLabs App pilot release was pivotal, symbolizing our mission to offer comprehensive collaborations in one platform, streamlining student processes and expanding institutional reach.
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July - August 2023
The Pilot Takes Off! 🛫
We celebrated our first milestone, conducted a successful pilot, tested our market strategies, and engaged with students and institutions.
The pilot marked a pivotal step in our journey which not only yielded valuable insights but also resulted in establishing foundational partnerships with HEIs and Students in India.
September 2023
Global Collaboration 🤝
We formed a strategic partnership with Career Mosaic, on-boarded 900 global institutions, and enabled full-time study abroad opportunities.
Our partnership with Career Mosaic broadened our impact and strengthened our market position, reinforcing our "Bridging Educational Boundaries" value proposition, offering accessible and affordable study opportunities for countless students.
Looking Forward (2024)
Evolving & Enhancing: Looking Ahead and Beyond
We are expanding our app’s reach across South Asia and introducing the AI - Partnership Finder Tool for seamless academic partnerships.
As we move beyond 2023, the invaluable learnings from our journey serve as our guiding light for shaping tomorrow. In the coming phases, we are poised to venture into these key areas.

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