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Transnational Education (TNE) Enrollment simplifies the daunting task of reaching and engaging potential students for your TNE programs. With the DegreeLabs app platform, institutions can seamlessly list their TNE programs to promote and elevate their outreach, tapping into a vast market of prospective students eager to pursue international degrees within India.

Countless Gains, One Service

Innovative Visibility

Showcasing your programs on a platform dedicated exclusively to transnational education, capturing the undivided attention of prospective students.

Cost-Effective Model

With our no-win, no-fee model, your institution reaps benefits without the burden of upfront costs. Pay only when we successfully bridge you with students.

Streamlined Integration

Our technical prowess ensures a seamless integration of your program details, offering a user-friendly experience to students.

Tailor-Made Solutions

We specialize in crafting unique and impactful experiences for your institution.

Our Edge

Global Immersion Partnerships

We harness the power of academic synergies to sculpt international immersion programs that provide students with global exposure and real-world experiences. Institutions can transform their international engagement strategy with our expertise, offering students a unique blend of local grounding with global understanding.

Estimated Timelines

Expect a 4-8 weeks completion span from initiation to MoU signing.

Integrated Master's Partnerships

Merge the strengths of dual academic realms. With our specialized partnerships, students journey through an amalgamated master's pathway, drawing from the expertise of both participating institutions. It's the perfect blend, ensuring enriched educational experiences.

Estimated Timelines

12-16 weeks from spark to MoU fruition.

Global Immersion Partnerships

In alignment with the forward-thinking NEP2020, we offer pathways that unite prestigious local and international academic institutions. This allows Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to provide their students with flexible academic journeys. Whether it's transferring credits (2+2, 3+1, 1+1) or pursuing dual degrees, students gain the advantage of a diverse education, drawing insights from both local and global perspectives.

Estimated Timelines

Custom-crafted, ensuring clarity and commitment at every collaborative juncture.

Connect, Collaborate and Grow

DegreeLabs offers HEIs a seamless onboarding experience, unlocking a world of possibilities with an expansive and diverse student demographic. Our mission transcends beyond mere visibility for your TNE programs. We're committed to forging meaningful connections, thus driving purposeful student enrollments. At the core of our operations, it's about aligning students with institutions that resonate with their academic ambitions and holistic growth. Dive into our systematic approach.

Our Seamless Approach

TNE Program Onboarding

Step into the global arena as we integrate your TNE programs on our platform. This provides an opportunity to cater to the surging interest of students worldwide, eager to embark on their TNE journey.

Engaging with Prospective Students

Our dedicated team connects with potential students, offering them a tailored overview of what awaits. We introduce them to the world of TNE through our innovative DegreeLabs App, ensuring they grasp its full potential.

In-App Exploration:

This immersive phase allows students to delve deep. They can browse through various TNE programs, gain insights into institutions, learn about trending courses, esteemed faculty, and the prospects that lie ahead.

Guided Application Process

The moment a student expresses interest in a particular program, we step in to streamline their application journey. From meticulous documentation to resolving queries, we're with them every step of the way.

Continuous Engagement & Nurturing

Our relationship doesn’t end at admissions. We continually engage with students, seeking feedback, and offering insights. Through webinars and discussions helmed by our expert counselors, we ensure students remain well-informed about the ever-evolving landscape of TNE.

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And We Did It: Turned Process into Triumph!

Initially, I faced three rejections due to my lack of information about starting in India and graduating abroad. However, the experts here played a crucial role in guiding me through each step with ease. They not only offered suitable options but also highlighted the post-study work rights, which was a valuable bonus for my career. DegreeLabs team made my quest seamless.
Applied at Jain University
At first, I was unsure about my initial counseling session, but the experts made the process seamless by providing exactly what I needed. The app played a crucial role in helping me explore numerous course options and connect with like-minded individuals. Starting my journey in India and completing it Abroad has given me a competitive edge in my career.
Heet Oswal
Applied at Jain University
I learned about DegreeLabs from a friend of mine during my search. One of the most valuable aspects of my experience with the team was the counseling session. The counselor understood my questions and financial concerns quite well and provided me with suitable university options. I found this to be an appealing choice from both a career and financial perspective.
Applied at Alliance University