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Enabling institutions to expand their horizons, form meaningful international partnerships and offer students a dynamic, global academic experience.
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Finding the right academic partners can be challenging and daunting. DegreeLabs' Global Academic Collaboration (GAC) service reshapes this landscape, offering a seamless, data-centric avenue to pinpoint the ideal international partners. From Credit Transfers (2+2, 1+1) and Integrated Master's pathway (3+1+1) to Dual Degrees and Global Immersions, our robust mechanism cuts through complexity to unlock limitless collaboration perspectives.

Our Edge

Global Immersion Partnerships

We harness the power of academic synergies to sculpt international immersion programs that provide students with global exposure and real-world experiences. Institutions can transform their international engagement strategy with our expertise, offering students a unique blend of local grounding with global understanding.

Estimated Timelines

Expect a 4-8 weeks completion span from initiation to MoU signing.

Integrated Master's Partnerships

Merge the strengths of dual academic realms. With our specialized partnerships, students journey through an amalgamated master's pathway, drawing from the expertise of both participating institutions. It's the perfect blend, ensuring enriched educational experiences.

Estimated Timelines

12-16 weeks from spark to MoU fruition.

Global Immersion Partnerships

In alignment with the forward-thinking NEP2020, we offer pathways that unite prestigious local and international academic institutions. This allows Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to provide their students with flexible academic journeys. Whether it's transferring credits (2+2, 3+1, 1+1) or pursuing dual degrees, students gain the advantage of a diverse education, drawing insights from both local and global perspectives.

Estimated Timelines

Custom-crafted, ensuring clarity and commitment at every collaborative juncture.

Navigate the Path of Excellence

Expressing Interest

HEIs voice aspirations for academic partnerships, detailing preferences like target regions and curriculum specifics.

Requirement Gathering

We capture the HEI's vision—international ambitions, academic priorities, and specifics like credit transfers or dual degrees.

Global Partner Sourcing

Based on the institution's needs, our GAC team searches our international network for the ideal academic partner.

Program Design & Refinement

We draft and tailor program blueprints to align with the institution's academic goals and the aspirations of its students.

Facilitating Collaborative Discussions

We introduce HEIs to potential partners, fostering mutual understanding and negotiation for a robust collaboration.

MoU Drafting & Finalization

With consensus achieved, we guide the formal partnership agreement process, ensuring a mutually beneficial collaboration.

Ongoing Support & Guidance

We offer post-agreement support, consultations, and troubleshooting as institutions navigate the collaboration's intricacies.

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Discover what our partners say about us!

"DegreeLabs provided a unique and mutually beneficial proposition for Adarsh Group of Institutions to get international curriculum exposure. The proactive team coordinated, curated and created programs that will allow our students to get the best of both worlds at a nominal fee".
Mahesh Jain
Adarsh group of institutions
"DegreeLabs is a promising start-up facilitating internationalization for HEIs. Their expertise and commitment is unparalleled. A strong global network with top-tier HEIs globally positions themselves uniquely in this space".
Dr Ravi Kumar Jain
Founding Director, Sparsh Global Business School
“It is important to recognize and celebrate the achievements of Degree Labs. They have raised the level of technology scale for pathway programs. And, in turn, I believe it will revolutionize the world transfer programs, benefiting countless students globally”.
Professor Aftab Gharda
Visiting Professor, The Manchester Metropolitan University

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